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Create a breakout game with Swift and Sprite Kit (Part 1)

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In this part of the tutorial, we will start working on a breakout game using Swift and Sprite Kit. We will see how to create the different elements of the game: Ball Paddle BottomWall Bricks We will create a class for each of these elements which will contains their specificities. We will write a few methods to display all our objects (nodes) on the screen. We will see how we can capture the user inputs and modify the game state in consequence. Finally, we will see how to show to the user when they have lost or won the game. To create a game that looks like the below.

The Swift programming language (Suit, Rank, Card)

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Having a play with Swift the latest programming language from Apple, I really like the simplicity of the language.Below you can find a few extract from the book available for free here: The Swift programming language.I have also added my response to the experiment blocks that you can find all through the book.

WordPress Install Script

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I have written a little script to make it easy to create new WordPress sites on a LEMP stack. You can fin the source file here:

Install and Configure WordPress on LEMP stack (Debian, Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM)

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To be able to follow this tutorial you will need to have a server (VPS or Dedicated hosting) with a LEMP stack installed and configured. To do so I recommend the following tutorials from Digital Ocean: Initial server setup How to install Linux, Nginx MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack on Ubuntu or Debian Once your server is ready we can start preparing for the WordPress Install. The first step is to create a couple of generic configuration files that will avoid repeating ourselves in case we want to host multiple WordPress websites on the same server.